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Local Control Accountability Plan Meeting

San Lorenzo Unified School District

Local Control Accountability Plan

We want your input! Please join our school community and let your voice be heard on January 31st at 6:30pm, in the library. Each ...more

The Parent Project

Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior

• Learn how to never argue with your child again!
• Prevent or intervene in alcohol or drug use!
• Improve school attendance and performance!
• Create an action plan for success!
• Find resources to help your family!

Your child needs you NOW more than ever.

Learn and Practice specific prevention and intervention strategies, particularly for strong-willed, oppositional, defiant and destructive juvenile behaviors.

The Class meets Once a Week on Monday Evenings for 10 weeks in the San Lorenzo Unified School District building.

February 6 - April 10, 2017 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Dinner is provided at Every Meeting
Cost is $25 (scholarships available)

Sign up information in flyer linked below.



Cambiando el Comportamiento Destructivo de Adolescentes

· ¡Aprenda a nunca discutir con su hijo(a) de Nuevo!

· ¡Intervenga o Prevenga el consumo de alcohol o drogas!

· ¡Mejore la asistencia y el desempeño escolar!

· ¡Crea un plan de acción exitoso!

· ¡Encuentre recursos para apoyar a su familia!

Tu hijo(a) te necesita AHORA más que nunca.

Aprende y pon en Práctica estrategias específicas de prevención e intervención, particularmente para el comportamiento juvenil de fuerte carácter, contradictorio, desafiante y destructivo.

Las clases son UNA vez por SEMANA los miercoles por la tarde por 10 semanas en el edificio del Distrito Unificado de San Lorenzo.

8 de febrero  -  12 de abril, 2017  6:00  -  9:00 PM

Se proveerá cena en cada reunión

Costo es $25  (Becas disponible)



Parent Project Flyer - English

Parent Project Flyer - Spanish

Homework Headquarters!

HHQ, where all students can

have a quiet place to read, study, do homework, and 

get help from a teacher.


3:15 - 4:15

Mondays: rooms 10 & 12

Tuesdays: rooms 4 & 10

Thursdays: room 12 & 20


Students can request a "receipt" showing what time they arrived, what time the left, and a teacher's signature to confirm.

Order School Photos Online

Use the below link to purchase school pictures now and throughout this school year. Please use this link instead of turning in forms for this year.

Today: 1/20/17
All Day: Teacher Workday (No School grades 6-12)
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Thank You San Lorenzo!

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